You buy at a cheaper rate of 2.00 naira

 A page of text message to Etisalat cost 1.95 unit  per number, and a page of text message to Glo is 1.95 unit  per number, MTN is 1.95  per number  and Airtel cost 1.95 units of SMS   per number . Please see the GSM networks and unit charged below for better clarification.

GSM Networks                  Unit(s) of sms for a page of text message

Airtel                                                    1.95 Units

Etisalat                                                 1.95 Unit

Glo                                                      1.95 Units

MTN                                                    1.95 Units

cdma's cost 20unit/page.


When buying, see pricing model below;

1unit -1500 units =2
1501 units -10000  units =1.8
10001 units-50000 units = 1.7
50001 units -1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 units =1.6

Meaning, When you place an order for an SMS unit between the range of 1unit to 1500 units, you will be buying at the rate of 2 naira each.

different prices applicable to other number of units.

What that means is that, the more units you buy at a time, the less you pay instantly.